Missing Eloquent client

for your Laravel apps

Improved data management. Manage resources, walk across Eloquent relationships without setting up an admin panel or installing third-party dependencies.

No Code

Invoker is completely a “no-code” thing, your code is not being modified. Just add your site, and you'll be all set!

Remote access

Invoker works perfectly with both local apps and remote sites. Import your sites from Laravel Forge, or connect over SSH to a remote server.

Built for Artisans

Invoker is built specifically for Laravel developers to make their debugging life easier.

What is Invoker about

A convenient way to manage data in your Laravel applications.

Manage resources

View, create, and edit existing resources. Access relations and custom accessors. Filter results by defined scopes.

  • Relationships

    Walk across and manage relationships from a user-friendly interface. Work with any type of relations, including polymorphic ones.

  • Native experience

    View and manage data by the appropriate type of field, whether it’s a simple input, date-picker, or dynamic select for a foreign key column.

Remote access

Invoker uses SSH for remote connection to your application and gives you access to its data. Connect your Laravel Forge account to import your applications.

Your code is not being modified. Invoker just connects to the app's core and does its magic. No third-party dependencies required.


Choose the columns you want to be visible for each model and hide unnecessary ones. Show custom accessors, related resources, and hidden fields.

  • Related entries

    View related entries, specified in your models with a familiar admin-panel look. Change values on the go with interactive select fields.

  • Widgets

    Add relationship widgets to the full resource view. Have all data you need about the model on a single page.



Read what our users say about Invoker

I just bought a license for @invokerdev and it's totally mind-blowing. Exploding head.
I can't believe it, this tool is amazing, incredibly beautiful and
well designed.
This app could easily cost three times the current price and still be cheap for what it offers.
I use Invoker everyday to manage Eloquent Resources on my Laravel projects, in a natural and effective way.
must have.
for any Laravel Artisan and with a price that it's just a no-brainer decision to buy!
Aside from being an awesome database / Eloquent manager, it's the details like event firing I absolutely love about Invoker.

Test notifications

Coming soon!

Test your app's notifications with a clean UI.

Select a model, the entry, and set any other arguments, including related entries, using dynamic fields.


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Event debugging

Debug default model events by triggering them manually. Prevent event firing when you want to create or modify data quietly.


The created event was fired


The created event was fired


The created event was fired

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is any third-party software required?

Invoker only requires installed PHP of any version above 7.0. Works perfectly with newest PHP 7.4.

What platforms are supported?

Invoker runs on macOS, Windows and Linux.

Why does it only work with Laravel?

Invoker uses the magic of Eloquent ORM, so it only supports Laravel at this moment. We'll consider adding another frameworks or CMS based on demand.

What Laravel versions are supported?

Invoker only supports Laravel 6.0+ and above. It's easier to maintain new versions than old ones and we highly recommend to always upgrade to the latest version of Laravel.

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