The ultimate Laravel developer tool

Replace your database management tool, test emails, trigger jobs and run commands from a convenient interface.

Go on, help yourself

Invoker is a slick and simple desktop application that gives you all the tools you need to manage your Laravel projects.

The heart of Invoker is the instant admin panel, which automatically gives you an interface for any Laravel app – with no need for code changes. But that’s not all.

Invoker also has a painless preview function for emails and a convenient PHP code runner. And you can build custom functionality with powerful plugins too.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and help yourself.

Lighten the code
There’s no need for any setup, code changes or modifications.
Platforms to choose
Invoker is a cross-platform product that runs on Mac, Windows and Linux.
Remote control
Open your local Laravel projects and connect to remote projects via SSH.

Instant hey presto

Building an admin interface is part and parcel of most development projects. But it’s a pain point for most developers. We know. We’ve been there.

That’s why the core feature of Invoker is the instant admin panel. Invoker simply connects to a code base of your Laravel application and automatically does its magic.

Within a matter of seconds, you’ve got a super slick admin interface – with no coding or setup whatsoever.

Your Application
Model behaviour
Once you open a project, Invoker will scan your app then show you all your Eloquent models. Simply click on your models to see a table view with all your info.
Friendly relations
See all your models’ relations and walk across and manage relationships from a user-friendly interface.
Simply search
Quickly search for anything that contains specific text. Want more control? Simply switch to the Eloquent version and write your own query.
Run artisan, run
Automatically detect all artisan commands of your application and run them from the Invoker user interface rather than your terminal.
Custom eyes
Customize how you want to edit your model attributes and choose the columns you want to be visible for each model.

The three Ps

Invoker may be best known for its instant admin panel. But it’s got a lot more up its sleeve.
Plugin play
Build additional, custom functionality with our powerful plugin architecture. Add your own extensions, create new features for all users and help support the Laravel community.
Painless email
Invoker lets you preview emails with real world data from your application. This pairs perfectly with our email testing tool, HELO. Bye, broken links. Hello, lovely emails.
PHP code runner
Well, well, well. Look what we have here. Run PHP code within your local and remote applications using a simplified version of our magical code editor, Tinkerwell.
Made for developers, by developers

Invoker isn’t for your clients or your users. It’s for developers like you. Like us.

Our goal is to help make all developers’ lives easier. And that’s exactly what Invoker does.

It gives you access to all parts and data of your Laravel applications without writing a single line of code – saving you time, effort and hassle.

So we’ll be honest. Invoker isn’t for everyone. It’s for you.

“I'm shocked by how well Invoker can detect your app's affordances. It's like a zero-setup control panel for devs to manage their Laravel apps.”
Matt Stauffer Tighten Co
“Invoker is quickly becoming an essential companion to my daily workflow. I never close it.”
Jeffrey Way Laracasts
“Invoker is your perfect "Robin". It's everything you need as a sidekick for developing Laravel apps.”
Bobby Bouwmann Author of Laravel Secrets

Invest in yourself with Invoker

All our payment plans include all features, unlimited projects and the Tinkerwell plugin. Simply pick the plan that works best for you.
Limited Offer
$69 $49
Includes one year of updates*
Lifetime license
*You get one year of free updates and can keep using the app forever.
Local taxes may be added during the checkout.
Pay your way
No matter how you choose to pay, you’ll get full access and automatic updates. No hidden fees. No-brainer.
A license to build
You can access all your Laravel applications with just one Invoker license. And you can have Invoker installed and activated on two different computers too.
Take one for the team
Want your whole team to get the benefits of Invoker? Contact [email protected] and we’ll set you up with a team license.
No free trial, no risk
Get Invoker and try it for up to 14 days. Not happy with your purchase? Email us and we'll give you an immediate refund. No hard feelings. No risk. No-brainer.
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