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Laravel client

Invoker is like an admin panel for all your Laravel applications. Open local applications or remote sites, and access Eloquent models plus their relationships without building a GUI.

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No Code required

Invoker is a “no-code” desktop application, just add your site, and you'll be all set!

Remote access

Invoker works perfectly with both local apps and remote sites. Import your sites from Laravel Forge, or connect over SSH to a remote server.

Built for Artisans

Invoker is built specifically for Laravel developers like you. Its opinionated design and focus on Eloquent makes it the perfect companion.

What is Invoker about

A convenient way to manage your Laravel applications.

Manage resources

View, create, and edit existing resources. Access relations and custom accessors. Filter results by defined scopes.

  • Relationships

    Walk across and manage relationships from a user-friendly interface. Work with any type of relations, including polymorphic ones.

  • Native experience

    View and manage data by the appropriate type of field, whether it’s a simple input, date-picker, or dynamic select for a foreign key column.

Run artisan commands

Automatically detect all artisan commands of you application and run them from a convenient GUI.

Add arguments and options as if you would do via the terminal.

Preview emails

Preview emails with real world data directly from your application without sending them.

Invoker detects all variables of a Mailable and let's you fill them with real data from your application. This perfectly pairs with our email testing tool HELO.

Powerful plugin architecture

Invoker has a powerful plugin architecture that allows you to build custom functionality into your Invoker client.

You can install plugins globally on your machine or add them to your application so that all Invoker users have access to them in an application via SSH.

Ready to dive in?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Invoker safe to use for non-tech users?

Invoker gives you full access to the application. Please use Laravel Nova to build a secure admin panel for users of your application.

Is Invoker a replacement for an admin interface?

Invoker can be used by developers with technical knowledge but we recommend to use Laravel Nova to build a rich interface for your users.

Is any third-party software required?

Invoker only requires locally installed PHP of any version above 7.2.5. It works perfectly with newest PHP 7.4.

What platforms are supported?

Invoker runs on macOS, Windows and Linux. We focus on debian derivatives and can't guarantee others.

Why does it only work with Laravel?

Invoker uses the magic of Eloquent ORM, so it only supports Laravel.

What Laravel versions are supported?

Invoker supports Laravel 5.6+ and above. We highly recommend to always upgrade to the latest version of Laravel.

I have bought version 1, do need to buy version 2?

Absolutely not! We migrate your license to version 2 and even add one year of free updates starting at the launch day free of charge.

Where do I download version 1?

We don't have an official download link for the legacy version at the moment. If you have to download version 1 again, please send us an email with your license key to

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